Bonds Thicker Than Blood

from by B-REX

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What the fuck are you doing?!
I never thought that I would know what it was like,
To see the life drop out from your eyes.
Consumed by a substance.
Your life has now fallen into pieces.
Go and bleed away.
Your every thought, for better days.
Drag yourself away,
From the needle that has consumed you.
And you were my best friend, a person that I said I would be there for until...
Until the very end because of everything (THAT WE) we have been through (HAVE BEEN THROUGH)
I used to think that you lacked the strength to come out of this alive.
And your path could only end,
By ether doing time, or your ashes blowing with the wind.
You are my brother, you are my family.
Bonds thicker than blood.
Bonds thicker than blood.
You've sold yourself short.
You've sold yourself short.
You've lost potential!!!
I can't believe the days and the times you've spent, WASTED WITHOUT KNOWING WHO YOU ARE?!?
So please pull out!
Before you hit the bottom.
This is the end for you.
And you are my best friend, someone that I said, I would be there for until
Until the very end because of everything, we have been through
I find it hard to believe
How could you betray my trust?
Like this...
I have stuck up for you above all others,
But never again, because guess what?
Now I know you better than that!
Even though we don't speak anymore,
I choose to ignore,
All that I hear.
Because I always believed that you had was best in mind for yourself...
But not anymore, and never again.
Cause I'm so tired of all this wasted effort.
I have enough on my plate, without wondering whether you will live to see tomorrow.
And I will always be your friend, but it is clear that you do not need me to always try and fight your battles for you while you're gone, I hope for nothing but the best for you in life my friend my brother...


from A Long Time Coming, released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


B-REX Des Moines, Iowa

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