King Of The North

from by B-REX

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A raven arrives in the dead of night.
Dark wings dark words proclaims a raven’s flight.
Jon Arryn is dead.
The king now rides, from the South,
To declare his new hand.
An offer that would be heard out.
The wolf has abandoned his pack.
To serve as the voice of the stag.
To uncover the truth.
And keep the lions at bay.
Now he sits on the throne,
In the presence of liars.
Holding on to his honor,
While he prays for his soul.
A man with honor who has always known,
That winter is coming for the North is his home.
But the truth has been now revealed.
The Truth is revealed.
The heir's a bastard born of incest and lies.
Her brother’s seed has been laid between her thighs.
The heirs a bastard born of incest and lies.
The heirs a bastard born of incest and lies.
Now while the king is away,
He beckons the queen in his name.
You'll confess all your sins.
Treachery shall stain your name.
Robert shall never know of this,
For my sins are my own.
I vow you will rue the day,
The lion crushes the wolf.
The sound of bells fills the air,
Announcing that the king has been slain.
To his son he now leaves a kingdom,
As the heir of his name.
Little did he know...
The wolf sleeps in the lion’s den.
He's been declared a traitor.
Now they've taken his...
HEAD!!! (X4)
The North shall rise...
The North Shall Rise!!!
To heed the call of the wolf.
The North shall rise.
They have taken our liege lord.
Lion’s blood will fill the skies.
To battle my troops!
The young wolf shall scream.
We must not let this go,
Go unpunished.
The North will rise.
The North will rise.
To take back the honor,
Of our, dying house.
A thousand years,
This hasn't been sang.
Ten thousand years,


from A Long Time Coming, released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


B-REX Des Moines, Iowa

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