Never Enough

from by B-REX

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Sometimes it’s never enough to just sit by,
And remain silent, when every thought in your head,
Is simply tearing at the walls.
And screaming to come out.
The times that I’ve sat by keeping my mouth shut when,
When every thought, and every impulse, are simply bursting at the seams.
I am finally getting to old to keep my mouth shut anymore
Instead of expressing the way I feel.
With all I do
With all I believe
And I, try so hard to make you see,
Yet you live with a veil over your eyes.
Held captive by your own selfishness.
Forever weighing you down,
Blinding all that you see.
This isn’t what I deserve, if only you could read my mind.
Then maybe you’d truly understand, the life that we could have had,
And now you’ve thrown it all away (X4)
I hope, that you will live to regret this.
I hope, that you will live to regret this.
Because I know I will.
I will live to regret those things, that I should have said.
Those things that I should have done.
To make you truly understand, just how much you meant to me.
No matter what I try you never see,
Every thought says that you're not worth my time.
Release me from this spell, you hold on me.
I won't be a captive to your callous ways.
I have so much to give, but you're not meant to receive.
Before you burned that bridge,
Before I burned that bridge myself.
If only I had found my tongue,
And said exactly how I felt.
Then maybe this story wouldn’t have an end.
Or at least not the one,
That leaves us both feeling,
Like it was, NEVER ENOUGH!
Cause it was never enough!
We both wanted more,
But couldn’t act.
In spite of our own fears.
As the bystander to this story,
And yet the main character.
I realize that we pass up on life,
When we’re afraid too act.
Letting fate pass all of us by,
Moments we can never take back!


from A Long Time Coming, released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


B-REX Des Moines, Iowa

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